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About the project

Impérium AB (Empire AB) is an emerging database of companies belonging to Andrej Babiš: companies which Andrej Babiš owned and later transferred to the trust funds AB private trust I and AB private trust II. Andrej Babiš moved his companies to the trust funds in 2017 during his term as Minister of Finance to comply with the Czech Act No. 14/2017 Coll.

The database also includes an overview of European subsidies these companies drew when Andrej Babiš owned them and a list of people active in these companies.

The Impérium AB project aims to show more transparently the business ties and interests that may affect the performance of Andrej Babiš's public office.

The project resulted from the Open-source Investigation and Intelligence seminar led by Josef Šlerka and Pavla Holcová ( during the summer semester 2019/2020 at Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Faculty of Arts, Charles University. The database was produced by 19 students, mostly from the master's program of the New Media Studies course.

Expansion of the database was supported by Nadační fond nezávislé žurnalistiky.

Data sources

The seminar focused mostly on working with open sources. We worked with the business registers of individual states (Slovak, Czech, German etc.) and the relevant annual reports of respective companies if these were accessible. We also used aggregators of company data such as the Slovak Finstat, OpenCorporates or the Cribis database. Data on Czech companies were drawn from the Czech database Hlídač státu.

Data on subsidies from EU funds are drawn from public initiatives consolidating the European Union's subsidy data and from published lists of subsidy recipients by individual funds administrators. The public initiatives sources include:

  • Hlídač státu consolidates data on subsidies to Czech entities from both EU agricultural funds and other ESIF funds.
  • consolidates data on subsidies from the agricultural funds EAFRD and EAGF of all EU member states, currently contains information until 2013.
  • publishes consolidated data concerning some recipients of subsidies from ESIF funds, mostly those from 2007-2013, from all EU member states.
  • Ekosystém.Slovensko.Digital processes, among other things, data from the ITMS2014+ system, i.e. data on subsidies to Slovak entities from ESIF funds from 2014-2020.

The contained data on subsidy recipients cover only limited periods depending on the country and the fund. For the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we have data on recipients until 2018 and 2020, respectively, except data on recipients of Slovak agricultural subsidies, which are so far available only until 2013. The Table of Subsidy Data gives an overview of the availability of data so far. Subsidies awarded outside the periods listed in the table are not yet in the database.

In the Persons section, the date of birth and the full address of residence is displayed only to registered users. To register, please send an email to Nina Kodhajová on

Overview of data in the database

Country Companies found Persons found Subsidies found Sum of subsidies (CZK)
Czech republic 608 91 10 268 12 720 166 207,30 Zobrazit firmy / Zobrazit osoby / Zobrazit dotace
Slovakia 84 20 473 1 238 511 254,82 Zobrazit firmy / Zobrazit osoby / Zobrazit dotace
Germany 15 0 9 12 194 761,46 Zobrazit firmy / Zobrazit osoby / Zobrazit dotace
Hungary 27 0 40 183 310 246,42 Zobrazit firmy / Zobrazit osoby / Zobrazit dotace
Poland 9 5 1 2 355 716,24 Zobrazit firmy / Zobrazit osoby / Zobrazit dotace
Other 37 9 1 2 094 890,24 Zobrazit firmy / Zobrazit osoby / Zobrazit dotace
Total 780 125 10 792 14 158 633 076,48

Companies drawing the highest subsidies

 CountrySubsidies foundSum of subsidies (CZK)Amount from EU budget (CZK)
Synthesia, a.s.CZ15896 303 708,47428 887 227,12
Výzkumný ústav organických syntéz a.s.CZ193659 699 696,5481 567 564,71
Lovochemie, a.s.CZ73542 586 286,40472 270 425,70
AGRO Jevišovice, a.s.CZ241407 351 591,10250 986 247,24
Explosia a.s.CZ150369 487 961,0317 058 377,63
ALIMEX NEZVĚSTICE a.s.CZ154289 414 422,64224 430 711,07
KLADRUBSKÁ a.s.CZ133285 267 591,15229 172 530,83
ZEAS Puclice a.s.CZ137272 370 754,07207 827 107,34
ANIMO Žatec, a.s.CZ105252 040 380,4370 406 606,36
DZV NOVA , a.s.CZ131239 806 239,53191 547 987,39
…další výsledky

Subsidies with the highest sums

 BeneficiaryCountryYearSubsidy amount (CZK)
EUFONDY-07-13-cz-1-02-2-2-00-11-13121Lovochemie, a.s.CZ2013396 524 794,00
EUFONDY-07-13-cz-1-02-2-2-00-11-13244Synthesia, a.s.CZ2014365 000 000,00
CEDR-9d4e1003a99f2e77b1c52cf2b940422ce7eecdbaCentrum organické chemie s.r.o.CZ2012116 091 066,00
EUFONDY-07-13-cz-1-02-2-2-00-12-15971DEZA, a.s.CZ2014107 339 367,20
EUFONDY-07-13-cz-1-03-3-1-00-13-00618PRECHEZA a.s.CZ201288 913 453,00
SKITMS-310041V182Duslo, a.s.SK201985 495 374,57
SZIF-spd2018-4844ANIMO Žatec, a.s.CZ201875 000 000,00
SKITMS-313012C433Duslo, a.s.SK201772 918 830,22
SZIF-spd2019-19607ČESKÁ VEJCE FARMS, s.r.o.CZ201953 540 000,00
SZIF-spd2017-128232Vodňanská drůbež, a.s.CZ201750 023 386,00
…další výsledky

Table of Subsidy Data

Agricultural funds (EAGF & EAFRD) Other ESIF funds (ESF & ERDF)
Czech Republic 2014-2018 – data from The state agricultural intervention fund ( processed by Hlídač státu 2004-2018 – data from European Funds Portal ( processed by Hlídač státu
Slovakia 2004-2013 – data from 2007-2013 – data from, details here
2014-2020 – data from ITMS2014+ ( processed by Ekosystém.Slovensko.Digital
Germany 2002-2013 – data from 2007-2015 – data from, definitely not complete, details here
Hungary 2008-2013 – data from 2000-2015 – data from, details here
Poland 2004-2013 – data from 2007-2015 – data from, details here
Other EU countries In worst case only 2008-2013, but often also earlier – data from Most often 2007-2015 – data from, details here